RestoringParadise – under reconstruction

a true mythological non-linear non-story story
Restoring Paradise
geo geller
“This is not a game its not about art, or the business of art,
its about the business of humankind and the ongoing war, the future of our planet.” Chris Muth

Restoring Paradise is an adventure into madness of suspect and documentary filmmaker in the guise of  saving, humanity, the planet while Restoring Paradise the mural – drop by and eavesdrop some time on our conversations 
Restoring Paradise – due to unintended consequences Restoring Paradise has taken a new twist and turn and so has restoring the mural called “Paradise” by famous Austrian painter Hundertwasser and our antagonist and protagonist Chris, Crisis, Muth aka John and Joseph among way to many other personalities have taken on new twisted contorted dimensions that defy the imagination if that was possible – stay tuned for the amazing back story which due to insanity. The back story is now front story as we follow these two delusional characters in this sad but true mythological non-linear non-story story by documentarian geo geller who unwittingly has now become a character in his own unbecoming in his quest to decipher the handwriting on the wailing wall of the man who defies diagnosis and defies being defined and defies sanity – Restoring Paradise a true story about a fictional character who found and lost the holy grail “Paradise”.
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